Picking the Best Colors for Your Kitchen

The kitchen is the room where food is prepared, conversation is shared, laughter is heard, and where most of us start out our days. With such an important role in our life, repainting the room is a decision that requires some thoughts and preparation. Here are some tips from residential painters in Tampa to help you design the kitchen of your dreams:

Before starting the painting process, you might want to consider whether you would prefer a warm and cozy, or cool and calm environment. Colors can affect your mood and behavior on a psychological level, so it is important to choose what tone you want your kitchen to give off.

If you are looking to create a space that will reflect your family’s high energy lifestyle, then you definitely want to consider sticking with warmer colors. Warmer colors include reds, oranges, and yellows.

  • Red is the boldest of the warm colors, and is most often associated with passion.
  • Orange is a color that is known for sparking conversations and is commonly seen in dining rooms and kitchens.
  • Yellow promotes a cheery atmosphere and can brighten up any room.

On the other hand, if family or work life tends to be more chaotic, our residential painters may tip you towards some cooler colors to help balance the energy and put you into a relaxed mood when you get home. Cooler colors include: purples, blues, and light greens.

  • Green is a color most associated with happiness and positivity.
  • Blue is often is related to the color of the ocean and therefore creates a relaxing spa-like environment.
  • Purple is more of a thought evoking color that is commonly seen in rooms of contemplation.

Playing With Light

If your kitchen resembles a cave because it lacks sources of natural light, then your residential painters may suggest that you consider brighter shades to make the room appear more lively and inviting. On the other hand, if you are fortunate to have a kitchen with lots of lighting or windows, you could use darker or cooler tones to create a calmer, more tranquil space.

If you need help redesigning your kitchen, and finding the best colors for the space, get in touch with experienced contractors in Tampa. Give us a call today at (727) 488-8182 to get started on your project.