Painting Contractors | St Petersburg FL

Painting Contractors | St Petersburg
When you decide to find the best painting contractors in St Petersburg, FL consider hiring West Shore Painters located in the Feather Sound area of St Pete. West Shore Construction has been serving the home owners of Pinellas County since 1985 with outstanding customer service and quality work.

Our master painters have been nationally recognized by the Construction Industry Consumer Choice Awards for high quality work as well as for providing superior service to the home owners and business owner clients.

When considering the selection of painting contractors in St Petersburg, FL, you will find a wide variety of choices available ranging from the unlicensed handymen and part-time unskilled people willing to work to large corporations and franchises with high overheads as well as every type of worker and company in between. It is important that you choose the painter who is right for you. This selection, if done well, will be a great value protecting and improving the value of your property for many years.

Your Trusted Painting Contractors in St Petersburg

The truth is many people will weigh too heavily the price quoted for the work, above other important aspects of the selection process. It’s true a low price does not guaranteed a poor job and high price cannot assure a great job. However, as with most things in life, you usually get what you pay for, and most business owners and homeowners know this. But, often in their dealings with companies in the construction trades, they will try to find the company or person with the lowest bid and then try to negotiate the price even lower. You may succeed in getting the best price, but the odds are against you getting a good job if you take this approach with your painting contractor. Nobody wants to work for free and the painting contractors in St Petersburg, FL that have bid their price too low will find a way to make a profit on your painting job, no matter what. This will never turn out well for the property owner having the work done; regardless of what contract you have the painter sign.

The following is a good reference to use during your selection process:

  • Make sure the company or person you hire is licensed to do the work
  • Confirm the company or person has insurance your home owners insurance will not cover you.
  • Ask how many years the contractor has been in business in Pinellas County and Florida
  • Will the painter provide a written contract for the work to be completed?
  • Inquire what type of paint the company recommends for your job and why it’s recommended
  • Is the painter polite and professional with you?
  • Check online reviews – these are better and references selected for you by the contactor
  • Has the companies representative made you feel comfortable and confident

Having followed these guideline you are well on your way to selecting the best painting contractors in St Petersburg FL.

Finally, remember that your home is a substantial financial investment and it’s the place where you live. The paint you have applied to the walls and ceilings will create the environment and feeling that will greet you, your family, and your friends each and every day when you come home.

Finding the Best Painting Contractors in St Petersburg

With as much time as we spend in our home, it should make us feel good and provide real pride of ownership for us. In addition, the paint is more than just colors on the walls; it protects your investment. Think of the value provided in sealing and protecting the exterior from the elements of sun and water encountered in the Florida climate. The right materials will also keep the interior of your house looking fresh and new for many years.

So when you are looking for the best painting contractors in St Petersburg, FL, do not cut corners, hire a qualified skilled company and pay a fair and reasonable price. The value provided for the small difference in price between the less qualified person and the best painter will be well worth it. To get started on your project today, call West Shore Painters at 727-488-8058.